Famous Photographer: Michael Flomen

1. Give some historical background on their life. /20
Michael Flomen was born and raised in Quebec. His early explorations in photography were portraits, and street photography. It wasn't
until later in his life that he began to experiment with his unique abstract photography.

2. Describe their influences. /5
Michael Flomen is influenced by the relationship between light and nature. His work with fireflies demonstrates this

3. Describe their style and major genre (Documentary, Fashion etc.) /5
If I were to give a name to Michael's style and/or genre, it would combine the use of Abstract design and elements of nature. Perhaps,
something like, "Natural Abstractive?" :)

4. Upload a minumum of 5 Photos that represent their work. /25
Screen_shot_2011-11-15_at_10.18.41_AM.pngScreen_shot_2011-11-15_at_10.20.23_AM.pngexternal image FlomenContact.jpg
What design elements are aparent?
Because of the unique nature of Michael Flomen's work, it is difficult to identify any of the standard design elements.

Why are they a good representation of this photographers work?
The uniqueness and evident creativity seen in these photos is just a glimpse into some of the work Michael has produced. I have included some of the firefly works, as well as the work with moonlight on water, and moonlight on snow.

Describe the use of light.
Michael's unique use of lighting is what sets him aside from other photographers. He takes pictures without cameras - instead, using
natural light from fireflies and the moon to expose his pictures. He creates these "Photograms" in the natural dark of nighttime, when
the fireflies are out, and the moon is bright.

Revised total 50/55

Video of Michael Flomen's photographic process: Segment from The Vinyl Cafe on Michael Flomen's photography