Emma Katka

Emma doesn't take photos, she creates them. What I love about her work is the uniqueness she manages to capture in every single photo. She uses the
lighting and colors in the photo to tell a story or portray an emotion. She focuses in self portrait photography, as well as portrait, landscape, and creative
photography as well.

Arielle Towers/September Sun Photography

Maybe I'm slightly biased in the sense that I have the honor of knowing Nikki and Spencer, the subject of these two photos, but it is because of this that I admire
the photographer, Arielle Towers. She has a way of capturing moments that in an instant, may have gone unnoticed. The two photos I have chosen demonstrate
just that. They are real, candid, and reflective of the shining personalilties in the photographs. I have seen both pictures in color as well, but I feel as though Arielle's
use of black and white photography makes the moment more 'memorable.'