Michelle's Photo Page ~ RainShadow Artistic Photography

For me, photography is more than just taking a photo. It's about finding a way to capture a moment unfolding in front of you. I try to capture the emotion of that very moment, using the subject as a guide.
I see the world differently, and it is my goal to capture what I see on camera. I love exploring and photographing lost places, forgotten objects, and abandoned sites. I feel as though it is in these places that emotion is at it's most concentrated level.

I'm a big fan of the Bokeh technique, and I love to experiment with different lighting and focusing techniques. I pay great attention to the details in photographs; mine and others.

Color has a deep meaning to me, as I experience something called synesthesia. It is often difficult for me to describe what I see and feel, yet I continue to search for a way to capture all these senses in a single photo. Everything has a thousand colors in it for me, even if it appears to be only shades of grey. Different color schemes can change everything about a photo - the layout, the emotion, the moment.

During the duration of this course, I hope to have a better understanding of how the process of photography works - the details, especially. I am looking forward to learning about film development, and learning more about cameras.

Perhaps there is something that children can see that we as adults cannot.

This photo of my baby cousin is one of my favorites. I'm pretty proud of this photo, but I can't take too much credit for the picture - it's all her. Yes, I try to incorporate my favorite technique in as many photos as possible: Bokeh. It doesn't always work, but I do think I succeeded by using it in this photo. It's magical, which is how I wanted this photo to feel. I've always been fascinated with babies. The way they perceive the world is so grand - as if everything is magical. I wanted to capture this in a photograph - the pure wonder in a baby's eyes. At what point in our childhood do we stop seeing this magic? I've never been sure, but I do believe I still witness it at times. I'd like to think so, anyway.Perhaps there is something children see that we as adults cannot.
Excellent response Michelle. You certainly captured a magical moment in this portrait.15/15